North Mono 2017 Package


Get your all in one package and be ready to go on the water. The package includes the following items:

  • North Mono 2017
  • North Gonzales 2017 with Entity Bindings and Fins
  • North Trustbar 2017 24m
  • North Kite Pump 2017

North Mono

The Mono is a modern one strut design best suited to the accomplished Freerider wanting to travel light and advance on a Twin Tip, Directional or Foil. Stripping it back to basics, the Mono takes inspiration from the Neo where a soft bar feel and linear power development are key.

We offer the following sizes: 9m, 12m

North Gonzales

The North Gonzales 2017 ensures a fast learning curve for all levels of riders looking to advance. An incredibly stable and quick-to-plane board, it has enough high performance features to ensure you won't outgrow it too quickly. Available in five sizes and with excellent control due to the round outline, the Soft Flex creates a smooth and forgiving ride. If you're starting out on your kiteboarding adventures or refining the fundamentals, the Gonzales will make the process effortless.

We offer the following sizes: 134, 138, 142

Size Price (Before) Price Semi (New)
9m Package 19.200,-  12.000,-
12m Package 20.200,-  12.500,-

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fra DKK 12.000,-

fra DKK 19.200,-

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